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Here he is, Ladies! One of the most awsome person that I have ever come to know. He's every Women's Dream, that's what he is! He's extremely smart, trumendously kind and amazingly sweet! (Well, whadduya expect? He's Spanish! hehe) He has kept me company during my sleepless nights for about 2 years now and I think he's one of the countless blessings that has been placed upon me.

He always knew how to make me laugh and how to comfort me when I was down... (Trust me, that happens pretty often... I guess it doesn't really pay to be my friend, huh??) Either way, he never gave up on me and has remained a great friend to me from the day 1.

It has become a little bit harder to get in touch with him these days, cuz he's working so hard (engineering) and he barely has time to rest... (it's either that or he's avoiding me, but I refuse to face reality.. heh~)

He has helped me so much with everything. I think he's one of the only few elite that knows my cycle! (hehe.. just kidding...)
For real, I feel soo comfortable talking to him about anything and I know that he will not judge me even during my "Darkest Hours of Insanity". *__* kekeke

Moisés, although we don't get to talk to each other as much as we used to, I still love you mucho, mucho, ok???
Oh and Te Estraño sooo much!!!! (I didn't forget any spanish that you have taught me, aren't you proud of me???) hee~
Tengo hambre, so I'm gonna go find me some Tacos... hee~
Take good care of yourself, Précioso and think about me everytime you get the chance, k???