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This is my all time favorite chatting buddy Tim. I first met him on Korealink back then when everybody was cute and nice, just like this guy. (Tim I'm only sucking up to you so that you'll send me that picture of you sleeping with a teddy bear!!!) hee~

For real, he's smart (in engineering) and he's super fun to chat with. (he's one of my favorites.) He and I both enjoy procrastinating, so I'd say we have some things in common... The only difference is that this guy actually studies when the time comes to do so and I don't...

This guy used to party a lot and all, but he doesn't go out as much, cuz he has school and work. (I think he's just getting old...j/k) He just keeps on denying the fact that he's matured and that the time has come for him to settle down and get married... puhahahahaha

Just kidding, Tim

He's very sensitive and sweet, I mean it's written all over his face! He has no look of evil in his eyes and


I always tease him about the fact that he lives with 4 other guys. No not about a slight possibility of him being a gay, but how disgusting his house must be since they are ALL MEN... hahahaha He always gets very defensive whenever I ask him if his house is clean... Of course, I'm just kidding... He's never defensive, he has nothing to hide... Plus, I believe all of them to be very responsible YOUNG MEN... (Tim, you are not old, trust me!!)

Sorry to say, he doesn't come on the net as much as he used to... (Gosh, all my net buddies... I feel betrayed...) puhahahaha Nah, I'm ok...

Oh Tim,... I have a confession to make... I bought a post card for you when I went to Vancouver.. But I was just too lazy to send it... I still have it in my agenda... But for some reason, I never got around to send it... Sorry... I always forget to tell you when I end up chatting with you... I'll send you that postcard and another one of Montreal soon... Shawee~~~

Tim, I hope you are doing really well in everything that you do. And write back sometimes when you get the chance, ok?? And hope we will stay friends for years and year to come... I'm really happy that I got to know you kkanmdeng!
Oh and go clean your room Young Man!!!