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Space Shuttle Orbiter.

Mission Specialists (MS) :

This Crew member is responsible for coordination of overall payload/STS (Space Transportation System) interaction and during the payload operations phase, directs the allocation of the STS and crew resources to the accomplishment of the combined payload objectives.The MS has prime responsibility for experiments to which no Payload Specialis is assigned and assists the PS when appropriate. May also assist with navigation and satellite deployment and perform EVA's.

Space Station.

Station Specialist (SS) :

Conducts engineering design activities and assists in other experiments; completes all designated procedures on the Station timeline and Coordinates and participates in Station EVAs.

Mission Operation Control Room (MOCR).

Intergrated Communication Officer (INCO) :

Monitors several major systems, including the hydrolics and space suits. Communicates with MSs during EVA, assisting them with procedures and problems.

Propulsion System Engineer (Prop) :

Monitors all propulsion systems including tanks, engines and SRBs (Solid Rocket Booster). Also responsible for guidance, navigation and control.

Engineering at Space Academy :

Responsible for the coordination and performance of EVAs. (Extravehicular Activity). MS-2 is capable of landing the orbiter if an emergency situation comes up.

during Enterprise EVA : MS-1 rides in the end of the Canada Arm (this is what I did... I almost pissed in my pants, cuz I got acrophobia, but in the end I overcame my fear, cuz I also have kakorraphiaphobia. hahahahahaha), MS-2 is tethered to the orbiter and MS-3 Controls the arm from the flight deck. MS-3 is also responsible for reporting to INCO all EVA activities.

during Atlantis EVA : MS-1 and MS-2 will use the Zero-G (gravity) all for their EVA's, as well as 5DFs (5 Degrees of Freedom, a device that helps simulate weightlessness). MS-3 is responsible for corrdinating the EVA and reporting to INCO all EVA activities.

Like I mentioned earlier, we had SCUBA session to get a better understanding of the "MICROGRAVITY" (it was useful during our EVA simulations and to understand the kind of obstacles that engineers must overcome when designing hardware fir the environment of space.

The boring part was wjem we had lectures about Engineering problems, Optics, Robotics, Structures and Payloads...