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Space Shuttle Orbiter.

Payload Specialist (PS) :

This crew member, who is not a careerastronaut, is responsible for the operation and management of the experiments or other payload elements that are assigned to him/her and for the achievement of their objectives. The PS is an expert in experiment design and operation.

Space Station.

Payload Specialist (PS) :

Conducts experiments and any necessary procedures; maintains contact with Spacehab; relays any results via downlink computer; complete all designated procedures on the Station timeline.

Mission Operation Control Room (MOCR).

Public Affairs Officer (PAO) :

Keeps the public abreast of all major mission activities in all areas. Informs the public of any anomalies.

Mission Scientist/Flight Surgeon (Science) :

Monitors the environment, experiments and crew health data. Assists Station and Spacehab with anomay solutions. Reviews both Station and Spacehab experiment data.

Technology at Space Academy :

They got to familiarize with science and technology grears for the "true purpose of Shuttle mission". They learned how to conduct scientific studies for the advancement of technology or knowledge to be applied later.
They had seminars on various branches of science studied in Space and hot the process works for these studies (they learn that through SCUBA just like us, engineers did...hehehe