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This page is for a very special man in my life... He is the only who always gets me and makes me happy, laugh, sad, miserable, and throw psychotic rages... (you would too if your significant other lived half way around the world... well, not quite.. but you get the idea...)
I don't want to bore you with the stories about how we met and all, besides, it's none of your business... (boy I'm in a bitchy mood tonight, aren't I?) Just so you get the idea of how fantastic my guy is (and turn green of envy... teehee) I'll tell you a little about him... (and the rest, I'm keeping it to myself...)

Well, he studied mechanical engineering at Drexel and graduated last year. He was the team captain of his senior project which consisted of building a race car from scratch... That's where we first met. (that's as much as I'm going to tell you about us... Not that you care to know either, unless you are my mom...) Well, after he graduated, he went to work for General Electric as a field engineer. It's tough because he's now in Cincinnati, OH and we barely get to see each other, still he brings me so much happiness when I do get to see him that it makes it all worth while... But I'll tell you though, AVOID LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS AT ALL COST!!! It's too late for me though, I'm already way too deep into it and I don't think I could get out of it even if I tried... (not that I want to or anything...)

Well, this is the car that Brian built for his senior project... I'm so proud of him!!!
And as a personal note to Brian:
"I miss you and wish we were together... (so that we could goof off!! hehe) I can't wait to see you (whenever that may be...) Saranghae!!! Your Sohyuni..."

The first picture on the left was taken in Central Park sometime at the end of August. It was a lovely morning and we decided to take a cab out there and stroll around the strawberry field and sit down and sip on some coffee.. (that's what he had.. I had a little kiddy drink blasted with sugar...) And the picture on the right was in Chicago... That city is so nice, almost as nice as Montreal... I would like to move out there one of these days...