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My buddies...

I don't have many friends. I'm not much of a social type anymore, mainly because I'm too old to make new friends, and I like keeping my social circle fairly small... I have been lucky to have met really great people, and I'll talk about some of them in here. (in random order...)

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I met my better half, Charles, a little over 3 years ago. We lived in the same dorm in College, and one night, I was in my rollerblades and smoking outside along with other dorm mates. He was there smoking, and my friends started complaing about how cold it is.. I, being a Canadian, said "This ain't cold.. What are you guys talking about?" Then I turned to Charles, a stanger then, and asked what he thought about the weather... He said "Well, it's pretty cold, but since you're Canadian, you're probably used to it..." (not exact words, but something along that line.) I thought, how does he know that I'm Canadian, is he stalking me? Turns out, I just talk really loud, and he always smoked within my shouting range.. From that day on, we were inseparable.. I am so lucky to have found him, because he was by my side throughout some of the hardest times in my life, and I was by his side during some of his hardest times.. Though he lives in Philly, and I in Montreal, our friendship hasn't changed one bit, actually it has grown all the more with the distance.. My only hope is that he'll move to Montreal one day, so we could be roommates again.. I have so much more to say, but words won't do justice to this man who has brought some of the best moments of my life... I love you Charles :)

Dominique and Veronique... I'm gonna have to mention these two chicks together, because we always hung out together... I first met Veronique when I joined my high school orchestra. She's the kind of person that walks into a room and becomes friends with everyone in it. She was kind enough to be friends with me, but for some reason, she was super nice from the very beginning. I didn't have any friends, cuz I had just transferred there, and though she had enough friends, she always made sure to save me a seat when we had dinner break during orchestra practice. And Dominique has been my friend since 10th grade, so it's been almost a decade since I've known her.. She was the new girl in my school, I met her during the Physics class... We all had to have a partner, and we both got teamed up with girls that we both ended up hating. But fortunately, we ended up together as partners not too long after the school year started... hehe I remember in our senior year in High School, I was asked by our librarian asked me if I would put together a little something for Health Week. So I got Dominique, Veronique and 2 other girls to sing while I played the piano.. Rest of our friends thought it would be the dumbest thing, but turned out to be a hit with the whole school. So we got the idea of doing Steps at our graduation show.. We did a pretty good job, and it kind of started a little war with other girls.. hahaha I won't get into it, but looking back, that was the most childish moment we ever had together.. haha Anyways, I always have such great time whenever I see them.. It's such a treat to be with my girls. (we don't get to see each other much these days since they are in Ottawa, and I'm here..) But there's is no distance too great that will keep me from loving my sisters.. I love you guys :) *muah*