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Date: Monday, October 08, 2001 @ 07:08 AM EST
From: cocopuffz Add to Friends List Save to Address Book Block Sender
Subject: OMG
To: Elea

=) I just saw your new pics. It reminds me of the first few times that I saw you.

I`m saying this as your friend, and personally as a "married" man.

You are so beautiful! =) I`m taken away. I`m glad to be your buddy. hehe. Just thought someone other than your BF should say it cuz sometimes when I tell my wifey she`s beautiful she doesn`t take me serious cuz of the hubby factor heheh. and if you haven`t heard it in a while then lemme be the one to say it =)

I`m sooo happy for you and your hubby and I really hope that you two get to be together soon. He`s a very good man to have you in his life. =) Must be right?

Take care of yourself girl.