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Hi! My name is Sohyuni (you may call me Joanne) and for the gazillionth time, I moved back to Montreal... But don't fret, my dear Philadelphians/Jersians, because it looks like I'm going to Philly fairly soon...

I was born in Seoul, Korea, then when I was 10 years old, my family moved to Montreal.. And pretty much after about a month of vacation, just hanging out at home watching cartoons, my parents threw me into this french school.. So after 10 months in welcoming class learning to speak french, they put me in classes with regular kids... So here I am now.. Speaking korean and english... What happened to french you ask? Honestly, for the 2 years that I was in Philly, I nearly forgot EVERYTHING I had learned about french.. But thank my lucky stars, I met Charles and we practiced french together in our drunkeness..
Oh and about Vulgarthon, I've had the best time EVER, meeting all kinds of nice people... I have developed the pictures.. So wait till I scan them.. For now, Trooloos~~~

1. I'm part Korean, part Japanese, and a naturalized Canadian.

2. Was born on January 19th.

3. I love music with passion... I play piano, guitar and many kinds of flutes.. I also enjoy listening to lots of music. I've been listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Beck, Brian Mcknight, Radiohead, and John Mayer.They all have so much talent and they all look good too.. ;)

4. I have a strange passion (or obssession) for rings. I'm telling you, you can buy my heart with a platinum ring with diamond sprinkles!!!! hehe

5. I used to go out to clubs a lot, but I'm too old to stay up and dance all night... So I go out about once or twice a week. But I'd much rather stay home with my Pooh Bear and Elmo and watch Wizard of Oz or Never Been Kissed with them... (The word "pathetic" comes to mind...) I also just love talking to Charles on the phone... Each call usually lasts about 2 hours.. heh

6. I like drawing from time to time.. (Ivy got me into that...) Here's one of the drawings that I did... (unfortunately i don't have the time nor the patience to do this anymore..)

Ok, since I have nothing interesting to say, let's scroll down to see some of my pictures...

The first picture is my parents and I in our kitchen. (unfortunately, my brother couldn't be there..) The next two pictures were taken by this girl at my school. She was in need of a face, so I said, ok. She said that I was a natural, so I went back to take some pro pictures, but then she had forgotten her glasses, so all the pictures came out blurry.. Anyhow, so that's that. And the picture on the right was in a photo booth in Downtown Montreal.

These are some of the pictures that I took during that short time when I lived in Vancouver. The one of the left is with my dad's college buddy (who is a pastor btw..). The other two were taken by my dad's friend when we met together.

This is one of the pictures that Brian took of me while we were visiting Chicago in July 2001! It was a chilly day and it was real windy... I personally don't like this picture, but Brian and my mom thought it was great, cuz I rarely smile in my pictures... (I got the smallest eyes in the world and when I smile, they get real squinty.. :) So here it is everyone... (Not that anyone really cares...)

For those who have been waiting for new pictures, here it is... I just got the webcam recently and since my scanner is broken, I thought I would stick in some pictures in here using the webcam.. (Yeah, it's un-natural and all, but one on the left, my hair was funky and the one on the right shows how pretty my nose is!!!)

ok.. these pictures came out all blurry or what not.. since my scanner's broken, i used my brother's digi cam to put it up here.. i don't think i'll be doing that again anytime soon, cuz it just doesn't come out too well (and he doesn't like me playing with his expensive toy..) Well, maybe one day, Dave will come over and fix my scanner ; ...