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Space Shuttle Orbiter.

Commander (CDR) :

Responsible for all activities and operations on the orbiter, including lift-off, landing, preserving vehicle integrity without compromising the Crew safety. He is also responsible for the crew performance.

Pilot (PLT) :

Assists the CDR in conducting a safe and productive mission, including system managemment, lift-off and landing. Second in command of orbiter.

Space Station.

Space Station Commander/Space Station Officer (SSC/SSO) :

Monitor Station computer systems for off-nominal conditions; coordinate and execute all activities on the Station timeline and Serve as the subjects in Payload experiments.

Mission Operation Control Room (MOCR).

Flight Director (Flight) :

Manages all mission activities on-board the Orbiter and Space Station. Makes final decision for any anominal situation or problem. Should be informed of all activities.

Orbiter Test Conductor/Capsul Communicatior (OTC/CAPCOM) :

Career astronaut in Mission Control room who is the sole communications link to the cockpit. Works closely with Flight Director to retrieve necessary information. Cues commander and pilot for procedures and activities.

Tiger Team :

The lead problem-solving team in MOCR that aids in identifying and correcting off-nominal conditions in the Orbiter, Station and EVA. They may assume responsibility for any Mission Control position sould the need arise.

Aerospace at Space Academy :

All my friends who went for Aerospace program got training focusing on the flight and navigation of the orbiter. It includes briefing on aerodynamics and orbital mechanics and training on actual flight simulators. Everyone fills in the role of Flight Director, Capsule communicator, Pilot, commander, and Space Station Commander on the missions. (in turn obviously...)