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Jung, Woo-Sung

This is one of my favorite Korean actor and he should feel very honored by the fact that I included him in this personal page of mine.
The fact of the matter is, I rarely, or should I say never, watch korean videos simply because lots of them turn out to be very corny and also because designing this homepage is comsuming enough time as it is...(Gosh, ya'll have noticed how I never do anything else, right??)

So when did I come across this charming creature???>
Well, it was about a year ago when I lived in Vancouver, my friend rented this korean movie called BEAT and that's when I first saw him...

Enough with my comments...
Here's a little bit more facts about him....

He's about 186cm (Damn he be tall!!!!) and he weighs about 73 kg. He was born in March 20th, 1973... (Not too much of that age gap between us.. I like that.. heh~) Oh and someone gave me his address... Unfortuunately, I am a selfish little kid that won't share her toys with other girls... or boys... puhahahah

Aside from that, he has an older brother and an older sister. He was in a movie called "Goo-Mee-Ho" and a TV show called "Asphalt Men"... (I have to go rent those soon!!!)
I'm not so sure about this, but I had heard that he was dating this girl who's just a bit older than him..
Well, if it be so, alas! I am damned..
But if he's single, then... I just might have a chance with this guy!!!

Anyhow, Remember how I had other guys in my homepagae for a while? Well, I was searchinig for my real self and fell in love with different guys, such as Vince Vaughn, Luis Miguel, Song Seung-Hun, Benamin Bratt and my ALL TIME FAVORITE Lee Byung-Hun. (Well, I had to drop him, cuz he's looking for a wise and graceful kind of girlfriend... heh~)
Yes, I admit that they are all very extremely gorgeous, but now I just have 2 or 3 guys in my life... (I mean it was too complicating... How so?? Don't ask...) So here's a little run down my much shorter list..
An English PRINCE (Prince William), A Gorgeous Stallion (WooSungi...) and an Awsome Cross , Keanu Reeves... (But until the day I can be sure that he is not gay, he won't be on my official list...)

Well, there boys and girls.
That's about all I can tell you for now, but stay tuned, I will soon put up our wedding pictures, k??

The followings are some of my favorite korean songs that remind me of this guy....
*Requires RP*

My day by Park Jung Hyun.
Reflection by Park Jung Hyun.
PS I love you by Park Jung Hyun.
Eternal Memory by Park Jung Hyun.
I love you by SES.
To be able to forget about you by Lee Kee Chan.